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These guides are written to be easy to understand for all ages, so I hope you find them useful.

How To Make Any Windows Computer Way, Way Faster

I've noticed that people are amazed at how fast my computers run - to me, it's just normal. This guide will help your Windows-based computer - however new or old it may be - have much better performance.

Building An Inexpensive, Fast Computer

(coming soon)

Everyone seems to be under the notion that inexpensive computers can't perform well, which is simply not true. In this guide I'll go over the various components of buildilng an inexpensive PC that can still do good work - and fast.

Watching Twitch Livestreams Without A Web Browser

Let's face it - Twitch's in-browser performance is not great. To avoid that, I'll show you how to use a couple of great community-made programs in order to completely avoid having to use a browser to watch and chat in any Twitch stream.

A Better Way To Block Ads On The Internet

(coming soon)

These days, even ad blocking software is turning into a big advertisement. However, there are still great ways to block annoying ads without having to deal with any nonsense. I'll show you how.

Space Station 13 - Getting Started

Mostly written for viewers of Russ Money's stream, this is a guide to help understand the absolute basics of playing Space Station 13 for the first time.