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I've been playing Minecraft since late 2010, and I've been taking the game apart, running my own servers, and other various nerdy things since a couple of months after that.
I hope to be able to share my experience and knowledge with you here.

How To Make Minecraft Run Way, Way Faster

(coming soon)

I've noticed that people are amazed at how fast Minecraft runs on my computers - to me, it's just normal. This guide will help Minecraft have much better performance for you.

Changing Your Minecraft Skin

(coming soon)

Here I'll show you the easiest way to change your in-game "skin" (somteims also referred to as an "avatar") so that you can look however you want to look.

Changing Your Minecraft Username

(coming soon)

Mojang (the people who make Minecraft) made it possible to change your Minecraft username starting in February 2015. There's still quite a bit of confusion surrounding the task of changing it, so I've covered it here.

Starting Your Own Minecraft Server In Your Home

(coming soon)

The act of "running a server" remains a mysterious technological miracle for most people, so my guide will help you to get started with the least amount of hassle.